Extension Activities

The table below shows the nine extension approaches and indicates which extensions activities could support each extension approach.

The activity list below is not exhaustive, nor is it exclusive and none of the activities listed are exclusively for a particular approach.

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  Extension approach
Extension activities 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Technology push Marketing practice change Transfer of fit-for-purpose practices Farmer-led farm experimentation and extension Farmer-led partner farms Science-led experimental farms Co-development with science and farmers Co-development with farmers, advisors and science Co-development with supply chain participants
Field Day
Farm Tour        
Conference call          
Expert presentations  
Mail outs/ newsletters  
Advertising/articles in farming media      
Farm trial      
One-on-one advice from retailers, rural advisors and contractors          
Interviews and focus groups with farmers        
Farmer discussion groups at farm trials      
Extension agent one-on-one discussions with farmers          
Demonstration and focus farms              
Farmer-to-farmer discussion groups              
Farm field days        
Visits to other farmer-led groups              
Partner farms          
Farmlet studies and trials          
Learning groups (including farmers, rural advisors and scientists)        
Research projects      
Conference presentations      
Farmer training            
Visits to other extension projects        
Rural advisor trials                
Rural advisor training              
Scientist and rural advisor exchanges                
Farm, processing, rural advisor and consumer trials                
Processor training                
Processor field days                
Online chats            
DVDs/No 8 Wired              
Periscope App        
VoiceByte App
Vine App
Internet forums        
Pub talk          
Suppliers’ events              
QR codes  
FM radio on field tours